Written by Alicia Scofield
Friday, October 23, 2009

Seminary continues to minister to graduates after leaving campus

Dr. Kevin Peacock, Old Testament and Hebrew professor, has been named CSBS&C’s new Director of Alumni Relations. In addition to his work as professor, he will be working as a liaison between the seminary and our alumni. The seminary is striving to continue to minister to graduates after they leave our campus; and in turn, have them continue to be a part of our ministry here as well.

Our staff and faculty have an important ongoing ministry of prayer and personal relationships with alumni, which lasts long after graduates leave. We value being able to provide continuing training to strengthen the personal ministries of our alumni.

Dr. Peacock hopes to increase the information going out from the seminary to the graduates to help keep them informed on what God is doing here at the seminary. Alumni can help the school in many ways, including recruitment and promotion. We can also gain valuable feedback from them as to how we can better equip current and future students to go out and minister in tough places.

Dr. Peacock explains his hope for his new role, “I would like to have an alumni newsletter that is geared towards the interests of our alumni, increase the ongoing contact with our alumni personally, and see where God takes it from there. I have either met or taught most of our graduates personally, and I look forward to this opportunity to strengthening that tie in the future.”